Tuesday, February 7, 2012

another small victory at our house tonight...

We have a picky eater on our hands. I don't want to turn every meal into a battle but this is getting ridiculous!

When Lydia was an infant, oh man, she was a dream to feed! It was my goal to BF for a year, but it was not to be. Sadly, I went back to work when Lydia turned 5 months and despite a ridgid pumping routine, I was pretty dry by 9 months. We had to start supplementing with organic soy formula at 7 months. I was devastated. However, Lydia seemed happy to have a bottle and so, besides my supply running low, she might have self-weaned anyway. She was taking bottles all day at daycare and MIL's and it was hard to compete. Once again, I digress...

Starting solids was so fun! We knew that the ingredients label on jar baby food made our stomachs turn. We ordered 2 Annabel Karmel books: The Healthy Baby Meal Planner and Top 100 Baby Purees and made all of our own baby food. She ate EVERYTHING! It was so great to just be able to blend of up all the nutritious food we knew would benefit her development and she would wolf it down.

Fast forward a year and she has limited her menu down to about 10 foods - cereal, pasta, pizza, grilled cheese, peanut butter sandwich, any fruit, any flavor yogurt, applesauce, and SOMETIMES macaroni and cheese. Believe me, we have TRIED. We trick, we hide, we applaud, we beg, we manipulate, we bribe, we make dramatic theater productions about how delicious eating vegetables, bean, chicken, etc. really is...She quickly learned the sentence "I no like it!" *sigh*

So after all this complaining, get to the victory already! Okay, okay!

So tonight, Jeff made a delicious and simple hamburger soup. He cut up some bread and told her that he made her some dip, like guacamole (oh yeah, she eats guacamole, too, we recently learned). She, of course, wanted nothing but to just shove pieces of bread into her mouth, but Jeff persuaded her to try dipping. Lo and behold, she was interested! Before we knew it, she was eating the soup with her spoon. Cautiously, of course, and you could tell she wasn't sure if she like it or not, but she was trying! She ate a decent amount of it before she started singing "No no like it!"

We still celebrated! We went a night without making grilled cheese and she actually ate a meal WITH us! Maybe we're getting a hold of this parenting thing, after all...

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