Monday, February 6, 2012

One small victory at our house today...

Potty training SUCKS! Lydia has peed and pooped on the potty many times. She enjoys the cheering when she is successful. She claps and calls out "Good job, Lydia, peepee on the potty." She loves getting to pick out the stamp she gets. We make it a good time.

Put still, we have to initiate.

"Let's try going peepee on the potty" or "Let's leave dipey off for a while in case we need to go peepee" or "You look like your doing a bit of a potty dance over there. Shall we go sit on the potty and try to peepee?"

Sometimes she even refuses, with tears and everything, and that breaks my heart. I refuse to make potty training a battle. What's the point? At the same time, I had hoped for a little bit of a diaper chanigng break before DS arrives in a few months. That is certainly not going to happen now, but I digress...

So tonight, we had a victory on the potty training front. After spending some time on the potty with no results, I suggested that Lydia get up to play for a while, but leave the diaper off in case she needed to peepee later. Not 10 minutes later, during a rowdy invented hide and seek type game with her Daddy, she announces, "I go poopoo potty." She runs to the potty, lifts the seat, and sits down.

My daughter normally poops with great flare. The face turns beet red, the eyes fill with tears, it's a theatric production. So when we saw none of that, we figured it was another false alarm. But then she started with the whole "Yay Lydia" song and dance and we had to check. No poop, but a potty full of pee.

It was the first time that SHE has initiated a need to use the potty. Thank God!

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