Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pro-choice or pro-life?

Where is a granola mom to stand?

Pro-choice: Granola moms value the empowerment of women everywhere. I would imagine that we are supposed to support a woman's right to make choices about her body. We also support a woman being in charge of her health and body.

Pro-life: Granola moms revere all things motherhood and value being a strong and loving mother above most other things. I would imagine that the thought of a woman killing her unborn baby would make our stomach's turn.

Even without the "granola" lens, I struggle with this issue. Politically, I typically fall somewhere between a Democrat and a good old-fashioned liberal. (I support gay marriage!) However, I am forever torn on this issue.

Deep in my heart, it just feels instinctually wrong. It seems unnatural for a woman to voluntarily solicit and pay for the death of her fetus. I also believe that it just as psychologically detrimental for a woman to lose a baby as it is to keep it. Women I know who have had abortions continued to be haunted by their decisions. There just has to be a better way to support a woman in this situation than to throw up our hands and say "Just get rid of it and pretend it didn't happen!"

On the other hand, our government does so little to protect women and childre from sexual predators. There is no statute of limtation on murder but there IS on rape. It is so revealing about how we, as a society, value women. We also do very little to hunt down and punish men who are not financially supporting the children they have fathered. We can't very well tell women that they have to keep their babies but no one is going to help them. Women should at least have the right to protect themselves.

What do you all think?

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