Friday, March 2, 2012

How crunchy are you?

Take this quiz to find out!

DISCLAIMER: I did not, nor do I personally know who, personally made this quiz! A friend posted it on a Crunchy Mama forum I am on. Go ahead and take it. It's a good time!

I was so excited to take it and get my score. As I expected, I scored directly in the middle of the road. Some of the questions they asked surprised my while other questions that they did NOT ask puzzled me even more! I think the author was entangling the labels of "crunchy" and "hippie". I realize the two terms cannot be mutually exclusive but they are certainly not synonyms! I don't think I will ever be accused of being a hippie, but I'm a pretty crunchy mama!

The question that absolutely floored me was question number 4 about the Natural Family Planning. Come on! For those of you who don't know, Natural Family Planning is the new name for our old friend "The Rhythm Method". Go ahead and do your Google search. It is directly tied to the conservative religious right's perception that actual birth control goes against God's plan. I am confused why this sentiment would be tied to anything granola as most hippies I know are atheist.

I am a Christian but I am a liberal and, not to be flippant but, realistic about birth control. Natural Family Planning is an effective form of birth control if it doesn't actually matter how many children you have (because the mom isn't allowed to work outside of the home and her only aspiration is to be a full-time mom to a Duggar-sized family). I don't any family of 4 that used that form of birth control. Be real here. I love kids as much as the next woman, but I feel it is socially irresponsible to have tons and tons of kids when we have been blessed with  a plethora of ways to responsibly plan the size of a family.

I guess what really bothers me about this is that I always believed that people became crunchy mamas because they became MORE educated. Their knowledge becomes power, even if it manifests in a way that the mainstream doesn't agree with. I don't exactly put educated people and the religious right in the same camp. I cannot wrap my head around why the two would agree on this one thing. Anybody have any insight here?

And nothing about composting, recycling, or eating your placenta? Come on! ;-)

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