Sunday, April 29, 2012

natural remedies (sinuses and congestion)

I never cared much about natural remedies or homeopathy until I became pregnant with my first. I was the first one to pop a Sudafed or Benedryl when my sinuses acted up. I even have a running prescription for Naproxen for chronic migraines (which, thankfully, I don't get while I am pregnant!). But once we started researching a drug-free birth, it made sense to have a drug-free pregnancy, as well!

I know that there are medications that are deemed "safe" for pregnant women, but that makes me nervous. First of all, I feel the list changes too frequently. One year it's safe, the next, it causes birth defects. No thank you. Second, it's never a consistent list! One doctor says it's safe, another one says it's not. What the heck is THAT about? Last, you are taking a dose for YOUR size, not a dose for the size of your fetus. He/she is getting blasted with a TON of medication! It's just not something I think anyone should take lightly. Do some women HAVE to be on medication for their health and safety and consequently the health and safety of their baby? YES! Am I talking about/to them right now? NO!

That being said, here are some homeopathic/drug free remedies that I found to be most helpful for me during my pregnancies. I have a lot of sinus issues. In fact, after a lifetime being allergy-free, I developed allergies after I had my daughter. UGH - THE WORST! They have subsided a bit during this pregnancy but I still suffer sinus issues.

1. I know I am going to get some groans here, but all of them will be from people who have never tried it! I know it took me probably a year to work up the courage. I know how weird it sounds, putting water in one nostril to drain out the other nostril. A neti pot is the best! I use this one by NeilMed and it works amazingly! Sure, it is a strange sensation at first, but I never felt like I was drowning or anything! It does not burn because you use a salinated solution, not plain water! The fact of the matter is, it works, so any mild discomfort for me is worth it. After one use, you feel the sinus pressure relieved and you can BREATHE!
2. At night, after I used my neti pot, I throw on a Breathe Right strip. I know my sex appeal sky rockets with this thing on, but my husband makes the sacrifice ;-) Actually, if I forget to put one on, I tend to snore, so my husband will actually wake me up and makes me put one on! For those who have never tried, it basically feels like a stiff band aid that pulls your nostrils open a little. It's just enough to help you breathe. It's harder for me to breathe when I am lying down, so this gives me just that little extra room in my nasal passage for air to get through.
 3. I recently found out that Maty's Natural Products are made right here in my hometown! They were created by a mother. They have products for both young children and a adults. This vapor rub has been SO helpful. One particularly stuffy days, I rub it on my chest and neck at night. I also put some up my nose, which I know you're NOT supposed to do but I am just being honest here. I clears my nose out and I love it!

***Please feel free to share any products your have found!


  1. I personally have used nettle tea for years. That coupled with a homemade "netti pot" (baby nose bulb) has allowed me to not touch Benadryl (or stronger!) for years. I still occasionally have to resort to OTC allergy eye drops, but this is VERY rare (I usually have to throw out the bottle because it goes over the expiration date).

    After talking with a couple of pharmacists at a wedding, I was told the nettle tea works because it's mildly abrasive to your body, allowing your immune system to attack the tea rather than attack itself. The pharmacists also said they personally would NEVER take prescription allergy meds themselves because of all the nasty stuff in them and the way they can affect you. That opened up my eyes a lot.

    1. and NOW you have opened MY eyes. i would do anything not to have to be addicted to allergy medication (luckily, i don't need it during pregnancy because my symptoms subside). nettle tea, here i come!