Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are You Mom Enough?

Have you seen this???

I haven't read the actual article, but the cover alone is causing a riot on social media everywhere. Mainstream parents are calling it "disturbing" and "wrong". Many say that Attachment Parenting is more in the interest of the parents than the welfare of the children whereas AP parents believe they are being responsive to their children's needs. Anti-AP people say that AP parents cannot let go of their children and let them "grow up". AP parents feel that their methods actually cause their children to be more secure and therefore more independent ("grown up").

The most interesting comment I heard was from an AP mom. She said that the picture makes the mom look confrontational and defensive. I am inclined to agree. If our hope is to have people accept us for our parenting style choices, than we need to appear/be open to other parenting styles and approachable for people who have questions about ours. Also, AP is also known as "gentle parenting", so it seems contradictory to me have the mom look like some sort of haughty bad-ass.

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