Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Led Weaning Interview Series - Hannah B

Baby-led weaning is the topic I am the most ignorant about. I thought I was being crunchy by making all of our own baby food. I was really proud of myself for taking whole, organic foods and breaking them down for baby consumption. Little did I know that there is a group of granola mamas who don't think that is absolutely necessary. It is my understanding now that babies can safely be exposed to whole, organic foods in their whole form, NOT pureed! Hannah B, has some great insight into how and why this method works for her family. Again, I have a lot of things to think about when DS is ready for food.

1. What is baby-led weaning?
BLW is letting your baby feed themselves from the very start of "weaning". This means no spoon feeding them pureed meals.

2. What led you to decide that BLW was right for your family?
When I first started solids with my LO, I made homemade organic baby food. I spent HOURS pureeing what I thought was the perfect blend of foods and spices. She hated it. I would try and spoon feed it to her, and she would swat the spoon away. Finally, I gave up. At this point my daughter was about 6 months, so I decided to see what she would do with BLW. I didn't think she would show any interest in the food I put down, because of how she treated the mush. Lo and behold, she ate the food! She picked up the pieces and ate them with no problem, and even asked for more! We have never turned back!

3. What are the benefits of BLW?
Ok, here comes my lazy mom don't have to prepare and puree separate meals, and then freeze them in ice cube trays and then transfer them to freezer bags. I simply give my LO some of what the rest of the family is eating. Saves a TON of time! Another benefit is that it has forced my husband and I to eat healthier. Since our daughter is eating what we eat (for the most part), we have to be very careful about what we prepare. Also, it is fun for them! My daughter loves to feed herself!

4. What are some drawbacks of BLW?
There is the obvious initial fear that your baby will choke. I was one of those moms who started BLW buy ripping up her food into such small pieces and watching her so intently, that I should have just been pureeing it. I wouldn't say that choking is a drawback, because choking is actually very rare, but the fear of choking can be scary. Another drawback is that it is MESSY! I mean food everywhere! 

5. What did your pediatrician say about your choice to do BLW?
My pediatrician had pretty much the same reaction to my choice to use BLW as he does to most of my parenting choices...disapproval.  Although he can't actually find a reason that my choice to use BLW is "wrong", he just makes it very clear that he doesn't approve.

6. If someone were considering BLW, what would you say to them to encourage them?
Don't worry about choking. Watch your baby just as you would while they are playing. And remember, gagging is not choking. Also, don't make things totally bland! You will be surprised how many babies love garlic and other strong flavors!

7. What are your favorite BLW resources?
I love my BLW group on Facebook and also

8. Thank you so much for doing this! Any last words?
Have fun! It's is priceless to watch your baby's face while trying different foods!

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  1. Thank You! I really knew nothing about this topic. I too have a lot to think about.