Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bed-Sharing: Are you doing it right?

Someone posted this awesome (and hilarious) article in my Crunchy Moms group on Facebook. I like that it not only speaks to granola parents who bed-share, but all parents everywhere who seem to have forgotten what it means to make the commitment to be a parent! I know that when Jeff and I started on this granola adventure, I think our goal was, first, to be the best kind of parents we could be. And we were frustrated because it was not the kind of parenting we were seeing in the mainstream. Particularly with me being a teacher, I am constantly exposed to the reprecussions of more mainstream parenting. This article hits the nail on the head for me. It puts into words what I did not even realize I wanted to say.

It's not just about bed-sharing or whether or not you choose to bed-share. It has to do with realizing that when you choose to become a parent, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE. Your life is not your own anymore. It's not even about you anymore. You have to embrace the changes, learn to love them, or you will drown. You will fail as a parent. You will be miserable. Being a parent is answering the highest of callings. It is absolutely fantastic and magical but also frustrating and difficult. No rainbows without rain, right?

Mom and baby girl bed sharingMom and her baby boy co sleep in bed together

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