Monday, May 21, 2012

BLW Interview Series - Elizabeth F.

In the crunchy moms page I am a part of on Facebook, Elizabeth F. is an absolute celebrity because she recently had a VBAC (vaginal birth after ceserean); more amazingly, it was a HBAC (home birth after ceserean). I have asked and I am hoping she will be willing to share her incredible stroy with us. Until then, her was some insight into BLW that she shared with me. This is a topic about which I am most ignorant, so I am very happy to learn more. Thank you, Elizabeth F.!

1. What is baby-led weaning?
Baby led weaning is the introduction of whole foods to your baby instead of purees or other pre-mashed foods. The idea behind BLW is to teach healthy eating habits from the start by allowing the baby to be in charge of how much they eat and when they are done eating. It also teaches them to chew their food before they learn to swallow it, whereas purees teach them to swallow before they learn to chew.

2. What led you to decide that BLW was right for your family?
We decided to go the direction of BLW because I honestly didn't want to have to mess with purees, and I like being able to eat at the same time as everyone else and enjoy my food while it's still warm!

3. What are the benefits of BLW?
As far as benefits of BLW well for starters I get to eat my food while it's still warm! There have also been studies done that show babies who were BLW'd have a lower risk of obesity later in life because they learn to follow their body's signals of when they're full. Also I don't have to buy special food just for my baby, she eats what we eat. It also drives us to eat healthier as a family since I don't want to feed my baby a bunch of junk food.

4. What are some drawbacks of BLW?
I haven't really found any drawbacks of BLW so far. My dogs may have gained a few extra pounds.

5. What did your pediatrician say about your choice to do BLW?
My pediatrician didn't really say much when I brought it up, but I don't think he really grasped the concept of what I was saying, as he still gives me handouts for purees.

6. If someone were considering BLW, what would you say to them to encourage them?
For people considering BLW I always try to give them as much information on the subject as possible, and let them know that I am always willing to answer any questions they might have.

7. What are your favorite BLW resources?
I strongly recommend the Baby Led Weaning book by Gill Rapley. It was a huge helper for me when I was first starting out. We also have a great group on facebook for people who are doing baby led weaning or are just interested in learning more!

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