Sunday, May 27, 2012

BLW Interview Series - Kaia M.

Kaia M. is another supportive mama (and great resource) I've met through my Crunchy Mamas Facebook group. Her perspective is unqie because she herself was raised on BLW so it was a natural choice for her with her own baby. You can almost "hear" how comfortable she is with the topic in her answers. I don't think this was her intention, but this has been the most convincing interview for me, so far. Thank you, Kaia M.!

1. What is baby-led weaning?
Baby-led weaning is when you introduce table foods to a baby who is already showing interest in foods and has a great pincer grip (must be 6 months or older). It reduces the stress of making separate foods for the baby and for the other family members. It lets the child learn texture and teach him/her how to eat healthy and appealing. The jarred (or pureed) baby food, just teaches the infant to swallow instead of learning to chew the food.

2. What led you to decide that BLW was right for your family?
Believe it or not, it's how I grew up. My mom fed me and my brother, table food since we were was a month old (amazingly, we have no digestive problems). BLW is just something that is instinctively in us. I think we've been brain-washed to believe otherwise.

3. What are the benefits of BLW?
Lots of them!  Kids learn to appreciate new flavors and new foods, they learn to feed themselves, work on their hand-eye coordination (no need for expensive fancy toys), and they feed the family pets! You don't push them to try new things before they are ready. The child shows you how they eat, what they like, how they like it, etc. Just watch them. They'll turn their heads if they don't like it, jump right in if they do and give you a messy smile.

4. What are some drawbacks of BLW?
Knowing that my baby has grown so much! HA!  Honestly? I think it's the mess. 6-month-olds aren't exactly the neatest eaters. You'll end up with food in places you couldn't imagine.

5. What did your pediatrician say about your choice to do BLW?
He's actually very supportive as long as we kept an eye out for allergies. He thinks that we shouldn't rush the kids into things that they are not ready for. "Follow on cue!"

6. If someone were considering BLW, what would you say to them to encourage them?
Have fun! Learn like the kids do. Don't take it too seriously. Oh! And don't worry about the gagging. They aren't choking; they're learning!

7. What are your favorite BLW resources?
All of my Crunchy Mamas and my Gaia Crunchy Folk.

8. Thank you so much for doing this! Any last words?
It's been a pleasure doing this for you!

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