Thursday, May 10, 2012

Co-Sleeping Interview Series - Hannah B.

Hannah B. offered up such great information about BLW that I was so happy to have the opportunity to interview her about co-sleeping, as well. Her answers are raw and hilarious! Thank you, Hannah B., for keepin' it real.

1. What is co-sleeping?Co-sleeping in our family means bed-sharing or having a "family bed". That's right! We all sleep in one DOUBLE bed!

2. What led your family to decide that co-sleeping was right for you?I just never felt right about our daughter sleeping in a crib, in different room, nowhere near my husband and I.  It seems completely unnatural. It was and is the arrangement where everyone gets the most sleep, and everyone is most comfortable.

3. What are the benefits of co-sleeping?One of my favorite benefits of co-sleeping is that it makes night nursings extremely easy. I simply pull my LO close and she nurses herself back to sleep. I never even sit up! Another huge benefit for us, was that putting our daughter down for the night in our bed, means she can drift off to sleep while she snuggles close and nurses, and we don't have to transfer her to a cold crib. The of the most important benefit, that I've seen, is how happy and content my daughter is while sleeping in our "family bed". In the morning she wakes up with a smile, if she ever gets scared or lonely, she simply crawls closer to my husband or I and falls back to sleep, and it is never a fight to get her to sleep at night. She is happy, secure and comfortable. There is hardly any crying or fussing and in my opinion, neither should be a part of a bedtime routine.

4. What can be dangerous about co-sleeping?I have heard it all..."you're going to roll over on your baby and suffocate her!", "she is going to fall off the bed!", and my favorite of all, "haven't you ever heard of SIDS? Co-sleeping causes SIDS!!". Of course, when co-sleeping you need to take the proper measures to make sure you child/children are safe. Our bed is on the floor, has a safety rail on one side, and we don't use heavy, thick covers. When my LO was younger, we slept above the covers, didn't use pillows, and my husband slept on a cot next to our bed (he tends to be a heavy sleeper). Before she was able to climb on and off of the bed safetly, we never left her unattended, in the event she would roll or crawl off. I like to say that, yes, co-sleeping could possibly be dangerous, but we have all heard the stories about children being hurt or even killed while taking a bath, or eating dinner in a high chair, and even riding in a stroller! With a baby or child, ANY activity can be dangerous. That is why we take the proper safetly measures to ensure that we are doing everything to protect our children from harm. Co-sleeping is the same way.

5. What do you say to people in the medical community who say co-sleeping is linked to SIDS?First of all, suffocation is NOT SIDS. I get extremely tired of hearing that a baby died from SIDS because they were co-sleeping with their mother. I would like the ask, if it is honestly safer for babies to be in their cribs, why is SIDS often referred to as "crib death"?

6. If someone were considering co-sleeping, what would you say to them to encourage them?Try it. If you and your LO love it, keep doing it and don't listen to all the negative nancies out there. You aren't going to "ruin" your child or "create a monster". If a particular variation of co-sleeping doesn't work for your family, try a different way. And if nothing seems to work for you, that is ok too!

7. What are your favorite co-sleeping resources?I LOVE Dr. Sears. Seriously. I would marry the man over his views on co-sleeping alone!
I also really enjoy reading Mayim Bialik's blog. The woman has some HILARIOUS stories about her adventures in co-sleeping!

8. Thank you so much for doing this! Any last words?I am a working mom. There is something so comforting about coming home from work and being able to climb into bed with your child. It is just an extra 8 hours I get to spend with my daughter, when quality time together seems so rare at times.

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