Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Co-Sleeping Interview Series - Kaia M.

Kaia M. is back to give us some information about co-sleeping. I am so jealous of her granola upbringing! So many of us crunchy moms are navigating this alone, often as our own mothers (and other family members) are simultaneously questioning and even insulting our parenting choices.

1. What is co-sleeping?
Co-sleeping is sleeping in the same room with the baby. Bed-sharing is sleeping in the same bed with the baby.

2. What led your family to decide that co-sleeping was right for you?

We grew up doing it with our families. It's natural to do so. Believe it or not, we started bed-sharing with our oldest because we were too poor to afford a $500 crib that we knew would only be used once or twice. Also, I was breastfeeding. All I wanted to do was give the baby the boob, without having to get out of bed and walk down the hall to do so. Right now, I have my 5-year-old and my 1-year-old sleeping in bed with me. I'm in no rush to kick them out. They'll get out on their own (way before their Senior Prom!) and without us making them feel bad.

3. What are the benefits of co-sleeping?

Like I mentioned before: No need to wake up and walk down the hallway to nurse/bottle feed a baby. Just unclip your bra (or cami or sleep topless) in your sleep and baby will latch on. Everybody sleeps better and longer. Plus the cuddles aren't bad, either. It makes the mom be like one of those sleeping sensor mat things. We are program to keep our babies safe, even while we sleep. How amazing is that?!

4. What can be dangerous about co-sleeping?
Well, you can roll over on the baby, smother him, etc. That is why if you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc, you should not co-sleep. Although, it is hard to roll over on a baby. You are aware of the baby, even in your sleep.

5. What do you say to people in the medical community who say co-sleeping is linked to SIDS?

Phooey.  They should be advising parents to bed-share. It would lower the rates and help raise breastfeeding rates.

6. If someone were considering co-sleeping, what would you say to them to encourage them?

Enjoy the kids while they are little. Don't freak out over bed-sharing/co-sleeping. Our bodies know how to keep an eye out for the little ones.

7. What are your favorite co-sleeping resources?

Dr. Sears and way too many other wonderful authors!

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