Thursday, May 3, 2012


It was actually my husband's idea to start composting. I never had any interest in being so involved in our garbage. Sure, we recycled, but that's easy. Cans and jars to the left, paper to the right. But, now we're talking about old food and dirt and...uh, gross. But composting has turned out to be very simple and effective!

Now, the truly granola use chicken wire fencing and pick a corner of their backyard, but that's not an option for us in a pretty urban suburb. Jeff went a head and bought an actual compost bin. I know some may turn their noses up at this but hey, at least we're COMPOSTING! It sits next to our garbage can in a little fenced area next to the garage. Here is what we have:

In an area like ours, you need a lid that snaps shut to keep out a colorful variety of vermin. We have noticed a SIGNIFICANT decrease in the amount of garbage we put on the curb every week. What's even better is that, with all of this "new" soil, DH has taken more of an interest in the yard and gardening products. It's free, so he wants to use it!

When I first saw the bin, I thought there was no way we would ever fill it. I was surprised at how much stuff could be composted. One of the most frequently asked questions in our house is "Can this be composted?" Here is a GREAT list to help you get started:

75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn't

Seriously, read through this list and notice all of the things that you throw away everyday! It's really not harder to put it one bin vs. another. Composting is socially responsible. I love knowing that, since we started doing it before Lydia was even born, she will be raised with this example, thinking that this is the norm and therefore more likely to make it a habit of her own in the future.


  1. We compost everything possible. it's a slow process but makes for the best soil and veggies in the garden.

    1. Agreed! It sounds like a weird thing to love...but we do!