Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY weed killer

We have a nasty weed problem. DH looked up some different weed killers available on the market today and learned that one of the main ingredients of weed killer is also one of the main ingredients in AGENT ORANGE. He did not feel comfortable with that, to say the least. After the success of my DIY laundry detergent and DIY dishwasher detergent, he thought he should be able to find a DIY weed killer. He was right!

It's so simple it's ridiculous. He boiled water and cut it in half with white vinegar. He poured the mixture onto some weeds for a trial run this morning at around 9:00am. We came back from a festival around 12:30pm and those suckers were DEAD! Now, he did believe that some of the grass around it was browned, as well, so he wants to try it on some bigger patches of weeds and see if it does too much damage. Even if it does prove to be very damaging to the grass, if you just want to get rid of weeds in sidewalk cracks or in your mulch or something like that, that's not a problem! I'll have him take pictures next time he does it!


  1. Wow. We must try this. My husband just bought some weed killer, and told me to keep our son away from it, and then we were like... hmm, probably not a good idea to keep something so toxic around.

    1. i know! jeff was wondering "how can we spray our yard with a chemical and then send our kids to go play in it?" this is very promising and gives us peace of mind!