Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Placenta Options After Labor and Delivery Interview Series - Jordan W.

Jordan W. is an incredible granola guru who is very knowledgeable on ALL THREE of the series topics. I chose to share this interview first because very little is known about the topic in mainstream American society. I'd like to thank Jordan W. for sharing such a wealth of knowledge with us. It's obvious that she has made every effort to research every option for keeping her family healthy and happy. It certainly gives us a lot to consider.

1. What are some options women have if they want to do something with their placenta after labor and delivery?Women can save/cook right away/freeze their placenta to consume raw, or cooked. Or they can have it encapsulated by sending it out or having someone come to their home and do it there.

2. What did you do with your placenta after your labor and delivery?

I had my placenta encapsulated by a colleague of my midwife's.

3. What inspired you to make that decision?
I researched the benefits of consuming my placenta. This was my first child and I didn't know how would feel or how things would go. I figured for $150.00 it was worth a try.

4. What benefits have you seen?
I was told that it would help with milk production (yes), post-partum depression (no), fatigue (yes), and healing (yes). Now, I have no point of reference since this is my only birth, but I did not take the pills right away, and once I did it increased production and helped with my energy levels. I didn't have horrible depression, but I was "off" and overwhelmed and consumed and lonely. The pills didn't change that. My midwife said I healed very quickly, and I attribute that to the pills as I am not a fast healer in general.

5. Did friends and family support your decision? What about your SO?
My hubby fully supported our home birth, placenta encapsulation, co-sleeping, nursing; all of it. He is very natural and knew this was what he wanted and what he thought was normal and right, even before I mentioned any of it. My family and friends were grossed out by it (and super nervous/paranoid about home birthing, too), but they accepted that I was going to do it. They just think I am a hippie, or weird...or gross...but they love me anyway. Ultimately, everyone knew that i could'nt care less about what they though, I was going to do what I wanted.

6. Why do you think more people don’t follow your example?
I think more people don't do it for 3 reasons:

1) most people think it's gross/taboo or have never even heard of it!

2) Most people have hospital births and are drugged. They are out of it, or too embarrassed or nervous to ask hospital staff to save it.

3) Even people who want it sometimes just can't afford it. I have met many mamas who couldn't stand the thought of eating it, and wanted it encapsulated, but couldn't afford it...and it certainly isn't covered by insurance!

7. What are some resources you recommend for mamas who are interested in doing something special with their placenta after labor and delivery?
I don't know any resources. I would just Google it and find a reliable site. I had heard about it from several friends who ate theirs, and then got more info from my midwife and from local doulas. Thank you!!!

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