Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Placenta Options After Labor and Delivery Interview Series - Elizabeth F.

Elizabeth F. graces us once again with more granola insight, this time about what options mamas have to do something special with their placenta after L&D. I do hope she'll give us an update when she decides exactly what she wants to do with her placenta. Thanks again, Elizabeth F.!

1. What are some options women have if they want to do something with their placenta after labor and delivery?
There are a few options women have after giving birth for their placenta. Some women chose to consume their placenta, either in pill form, raw, in a smoothie or other sort of drink, or as a cooked dish. You can also plant it under a tree which is known as planting a 'tree of life' or some women like to do a placenta print with their placenta.

2. What did you do with your placenta after your labor and delivery?
Well I did not get my first placenta back from the hospital, the second time I planned on having it dehydrated and put into capsules for consumption, but it's still in my freezer. We will see if I get around to encapsulating it or we may end up just planting a tree of life.

3. What inspired you to make that decision?
I have a read about the benefits of consuming you placenta and because I border-lined with postpartum depression with my first baby I thought the benefits would help me a lot.

4. What benefits have you seen?
Well, I haven't actually eaten it yet, so none.

5. Did friends and family support your decision? What about your SO?
Yes, everyone was very supportive of my decision. My mother even bagged it up and put it in the freezer for me after my birth. 

6. Why do you think more people don’t follow your example?
Because in today's modernized society things like that are seen as just weird or grotesque. Just like full term breastfeeding, people choose to be ignorant of the benefits of these things and just go off of the way everyone else reacts, that it's gross.

7. What are some resources you recommend for mamas who are interested in doing something special with their placenta after labor and delivery?
Speak to your midwife and or doula. They will be you best asset if you need to find someone to encapsulate it or if you want to do a placenta print they can help you. Also if you have a hospital birth your doula will have to chase down your placenta and make sure they don't throw it away, which they're very quick to do.

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