Sunday, May 13, 2012

sugar-free birthday cake

For Lydia's first birthday, we had no interest in engaging in the traditional "smash cake" - where a small cake is made for the birthday boy/girl, covered with copious amounts of frosting, and the child is left to eat the cake with his/her hands so as to make a mess for the enjoyment of all to watch.

Why does a 1-year-old need to eat all of that sugar? They have their whole lives to become addicted to fruit snacks, Little Debbie cakes, and soda pop, it seemed weird to us to give her a taste so early in life. DH, in particular, was on a mission and he found this great website: Healthy First Birthday Cake Recipes.

He made the Applesauce and Banana Cake (the first one listed) for Lydia to eat. It was simple to make and was surprisingly moist. Lydia  inhaled it happily! And yes, we provided regular cake for the adults to eat. We're not trying to regulate EVERYONE'S diets, just being conscious of our daughter's.

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