Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Nonononono, I am NOT pregnant! HAHAHA! You know that's what everyone thinks! Once you have ONE baby, all of your news is potentially about other babies to be had!

Jeff and I have had 2 very positive birth experiences and we owe it all to the education we got through our Bradley classes. Even if couples are not interested in a drug-free birth, we highly recommend these classes. You learn so much about the human body, the labor and delivery process, pre-natal diet, breastfeeding, and intervention options. I have made it very clear that I KNOW not all woman are able to deliver without medical intervention. I do not, however, think this is an excuse for not gathering as much knowledge as possible about the birthing process. I am not upset about the woman who ends up having a c-section, I am upset about the woman who walks into a hospital with no plan and just lets the doctor hook her up to machines and medications that eventually CAUSE the c-section. I am upset that people are under the  impression that a c-section is a minor inconvenience that is actually safer for the baby and mom, when really it is a major surgery with major risks. It is NOT a safer or better or easier way to bring a baby into the world.

That being said, Jeff and I have been tossing around the idea of me becoming a Bradley Birth instructor for a couple years now. Unfortunately, the timing just never fit. Now, with my staying home this year, we are able to get this plan into action. There were only 15 training sessions available this year and there were only 7 left when we decided to really do this. I don't want to wait until 2013. So...*drum roll please* This year I will be training to become a Bradley Method educator! To put it mildly, I AM FREAKING PSYCHED!

This is something I am so passionate about and I am so excited to share it with other women and their partners. I am hoping to learn a ton, become really confident in the material, make some friends, and make a difference in some lives. I mean, I know that Jeff and I really admire and feel like we owe a lot to our own Bradley instructor, Laura. I would be so honored to have that kind of impact on others.

Another piece of news I wanted to share is that I recently joined the Rochester Area Birth Network, a chapter of BirthNetwork National. Twenty-eight of our nation's 50 states have at least one birth network, so if you are interested, check out the website and see if there is one you can join. The one in Rochester seems really active! I will be going to my first meeting next week. I am so excited to meet others who share my passion and are personally involved in different aspects of empowering women in their pre-natal, labor and delivery, and post-natal care. They are also looking to fill 3 volunteer positions with the group, and I am very interested in filling one of those roles, so we'll see if there's one for me!

I do apologize for not being able to update more. DH and I are trying to work out a schedule where I can devote more time to writing so hopefully this will be resolved in the very near future. The kids are just SO needy at this time. Two is such a completely different world than just having one child. Oh my goodness, sometimes I feel like I am just not enough mama! I need two of me at times! Hopefully some of you out there understand.


  1. This is SO AWESOME!!!!!!! Yay! Excited for you!

    1. Thank you so much! It's a big financial investment upfront, so keep us in your prayers!