Wednesday, September 19, 2012

makin' milk!

So, I have experienced something new! I am having a little trouble with my milk supply. I don't think it's anything too serious, but since I need to pump to leave BM behind for DS while I am coaching, I am very aware of my supply. I was having trouble pumping enough to leave for DH to use to feed our son. That really stressed me out, which doesn't help milk production, either. I needed to relax and utilize the many resources available to a mama who is determined to exclusively breastfeed. I called a local natural parenting store I trust called Luvaboos. I made 2 purchases there and I am very happy with the results and so I wanted to share!


1. Milkmakers Cookies - I bought a ten-pack of the chocolate chip variety. These cookies are huge and dense. Other than that, they look and taste pretty much like any other cookies. They certainly aren't as sweet as, say, a Chips Ahoy but they are still pretty tasty. The texture is unlike a "regular" cookie, too. They are dry and crumble easily. However, if eating cookies is the hardest thing I have to do to up my milk supply, SIGN ME UP! I have one cookie a day.
Milkmakers cookies - used to boost your breastmilk supply

2. Organic Milkmaid Tea - I am not a huge fan of anise flavor, so its' not fair for me to judge the flavor of the tea. DH says that is smells good, since he likes black licorice. However, I just add a little honey and it's totally doable. I have one mug a day.
Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Milkmaid Tea - used to boost your breastmilk supply

I am happy to report that both products are working well for me. I see a spike in my supply each time I consume either product. I have a nice schedule now. I have one cup of tea either first thing in the morning or before I go to bed, depending. If DS has nursed a ton all night and I feel like I have a low supply when I wake up, I drink it in the morning. If he drank a lot before bed, I drink a cup after he goes to bed to maintain the supply over night. I have the cookie midday, so that I have a spike around 2pm, when I typically need to pump before I head to work.

I have also upped my water consumption to 80 oz a day. While pregnant and since giving birth, I had been consuming 60 oz of water a day. That has been, by far the hardest part. Who can drink that much?! I feel like I pee all day long! It's like pregnancy all over again.

Breastfeeding is so important to me. I absolutely love it. I want to nurse as long as Elliott wants to. I would love to make it to, at least, a year - something I never got to do with Lydia. I am determined to make this work. I was happy to have these products help me out. I am pumping more he drinks in a sitting right now, so I have a good amount stored up. That is really exciting and a huge relief. What other products have you or other mamas you know tried to help increase our breast milk supply?

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