Thursday, January 3, 2013


Has it really been OVER A MONTH since my last post? Wow! In any event, I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all a very happy New Year!

What does 2013 have in store for me? Well, I STILL haven't finished my Bradley work! AAAHHH! I had every intention of actually begging my MIL to take the kids every day for a week this week so I could finish up all of these book reports in peace buuuut EVERYONE in Rochester is currently sick with a stomach bug, flu, or bronchitis. My poor MIL has a nasty strain of flu and has been in bed for DAYS :-( Aaaanndd both of my kiddos actually have mild to moderate bronchitis. So we have been in hiding, hibernating for what feels like FOREVER! I finally took the kids out for a quick couple errands today just to get out! I am frustrated with not having any time to complete this work but after talking to the other Bradley teachers in the area, it would be best for me to start a series at the end of Feb/beginning of March. So I do still have a little time...but not a ton of time! I am starting to go into a little bit of a panic mode but Jeff promises we can work something out soon. It's just too hard to get stuff done during the day with the kids. This is work that I need to set aside a few solid HOURS of quiet and focus to complete and that is just not going to happen without serious planning. Focus, focus, focus!

Also, I am so excited to announce that we have started Baby Led Weaning with DS. We did NOT do BLW with DD because we did not know what it was! We took pride in making her baby foods and never feeding her store-bought purees. A friend introduced me to BLW and it just sounded genius. I learned so much doing the Granola Moms Interviews. The aforementioned friend lent me a book that is basically the BLWers bible. DH and I researched and discussed. We figured, "Let's give it a shot. If it doesn't work or it's not for us, it's no big deal. We are baby food pros already so we can always go back to that." In a word, it has been...AWESOME. I cannot believe how easy it is. In the very beginning, it is scary to hear him gag every meal but that really only lasted about a week. I marvel at how good he is ALREADY at spitting out bites that are too big and trying again with smaller bites. He absolutely loves to eat! You never really know how much your BLW baby is eating but, as I was taught, the poop doesn't lie. I can't believe all the chunks I see in his poop. (OF COURSE, I check it out!) I highly recommend that every parent at least look into BLW. It has been a blast and, I cannot stress it enough, SO EASY!

In addition to bronchitis, I rang in the new year with mastitis. This is my third bout of mastitis with Elliott. I am nursing him way more than I ever did Lydia because I went back to work when she was 5 months old whereas I have always been home with Elliott. He has had, maybe 10 bottles (of breast milk), in his life. Luckily, I have never had bad mastitis that has gotten infected and needed antibiotics. However, the pain is very real. If you have never had it, it feels very akin to what I would imagine it feels like to have your breast put in a vice. It is swollen and hard and so very sensitive. I have been pumping like crazy and using a heating pad. I don't want to take anything for the pain because DS has been taking infant ibuprofen for pain and fever associated with the bronchitis and I am too afraid to double whammy him. I feel like we have turned a corner tonight so I am very relieved.

Elliott has popped 3 teeth with a 4th on the way in one month. Lydia didn't have a single tooth until she was 8 months old and she grew them very slowly. We were very spoiled that DD didn't exhibit any of the typical signs of teething. She just grew her little teeth, one by one. DS is allowing us to enjoy a more traditional journey of teething. He has the irritability, lack of sleep, runny nose, pulling ears, etc. We are having a lot of success with Hyland's Teething Tablets and Colic-Ease when he's just at that point of miserable and inconsolable (not in a combination, but as different options for the sake of variety).

I have more news and various things to say but this is getting to be a long post! Serves me right for not posting for over a month. This is what happens! The holiday season just hit me so hard and there was just no good time. And when I had the time, I had just so much to say that I didn't even know where to start. So here's to the start of a brand new year! Here's to making it work in 2013!