Sunday, February 17, 2013

apologies, excuses, and embarrassment

Well, that did NOT work out at all! I had really resolved to write more frequently here but time just seems to slip through my fingers every day! I can only hope that my life will eventually settle into some sort of routine where there will be a space to write, at least a little bit, a couple times a week.


1. I am STILL working on my Bradley Method birth educator academic package. I had to apply for an extension. They were very understanding and flexible, but it was frustrating and embarrassing to have to ask. As it stands, I am still working on the outline of one final book, but it is very long! I also need to interview 2 hospital employees (employed at two DIFFERENT hospitals in their labor and delivery wing) and ask them a LONG list of questions (created by the academy, not I). The reasons my Bradley work is not done coincides with why I have no time to write in this blog...

2. We are STILL attending to legal affairs of my father's estate. He passed away very suddenly in early October and I was named executor of his estate in January. There have been an absolute myriad of issues to deal with including, but not limited to, 1 very FULL house, 3 cars, my underage brother's trust, and a lawyer who makes $225 per HOUR.

3. Elliott still does not sleep through the night. He is 9 months old. I have not slept through the night in 9 months. That is a very long time and I am very tired. That is not to say that we have not made any headway. There have been improvements, there have. Thanks to a couple Elizabeth Pantley books, we are on a nice, consistant nap schedule, he does not need to be nursed to sleep, and does sleep in a crib for most of the night. Those books have really been a huge help. Our biggest problem is that he can't manage to STAY asleep, not mater how many times he GETS to sleep. We have literally tried everything. I have taken him to a reflexologist and a chiropractor. We have gas drops and Tylenol and teething tablets and gripe water. Yes, he is teething. He is ALWAYS teething. He's a baby. Now I am starting to sound as cranky as I feel.

4. There was a flu epidemic in our city. Luckily, my kids only had mild case of bronchitis. Jeff and I both got the stomach bug version. However, Jeff's mother was VERY ill and it was scary. Then, as soon as she started to feel better, Jeff's grandmother's condition started to deteriorate - not from the flu, she has been sickly for years. She was in the hospital for a while, then a rehab facility, and then hospice, all in about the span of a month. It was a rollercoaster and it meant family in from out of town and family obligations in that regard.

So this post is a big apology but also a promise to continue to work toward doing better. What will be so awesome is that when my Bradley training is complete, I hope to use this blog in conjunction with my teaching, so I will pack it full of resources for all to enjoy as well as anecdotes that I hope will lead to questions, answers, and discussions that will launch this blog into basically writing itself!

In other news, my birthday is this coming Friday. Nothing really special planned but it's so great how birthdays are always a good excuse to spend time with family and friends and indulge in some rich foods. I know Jeff plans to take our little family out for dinner on my actual birthday night. He has even taken the day off work, which is so thoughtful and special. The Sunday after we are having a dinner with my mother, brother, and my brother's girlfriend that my brother is COOKING FOR ME! And I know a couple girlfriends and I are going to get together one night this coming week for Mexican food at one of my favorite fun restaurants in this city. So I have some fun things to look forward to!

Also, this weekend is the semi-annual Luvaboos Consignment Sale! I had an absolute blast last time and found some great deals. I am selling some diapers and gear again, so hopefully it will be purchased so I can, in turn, purchase some new things we need! DH has begged me to streamline our CD stash, since I went a little crazy buying one or two of many different brands to "try out". He can't help do the laundry because he doesn't know which inserts go where, etc. He likes the Charlie Bananas, so I did stock up on some of those. We have probably 8 of those now but half of them are sized, so I will need to get the next size up in a couple months. I fell in love with Bamboozles but DH insists that DS does not like fitteds because they do not wick away moisture enough. I thought a fair compromise then was to buy a lot of 7 Easyfits. (DH does not know this yet, but after I sell off a bunch of the other random diapers that are bothering him, it will be all good. Plus, these do not need to be "stuffed" per se, so how can he be mad, right?)

I also started a local diaper swap community on Facebook just recently. So far, we have over 80 memebers! I am on a couple nationwide diaper swap pages on Facebook that are VERY active but with the recent hike in shipping costs, it's just not worth it anymore, unless I were looking for a very specific print. I am happy with how well received it has been within our community and I have even been able to sell a few diapers already off of it!

Have a blessed day!

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