Thursday, March 28, 2013

extended breastfeeding

So Elliott is 10 months old and breastfeeding is still going strong. 10 months was a milestone for us because I only made it to 9 months with Lydia...and we had started supplementing at 7 months.

Nursing HAD been going really well with Lydia. I went back to work and I pumped my face off. I knew I had to have a certain number of ounces pumped every day to make it through the next day. It was so stressful. Moms who EP are my heros, seriously. I should have sought out more support. I should have done more to keep up my supply. I just didn't have the tools or support. It is something I really regret. I mean, I was so close! Ugh!

Anyways, being a SAHM has made successful breastfeeding MUCH easier. However, it doesn't make me any less proud. I hit up the LLL meetings, I ate the cookies, drank the tea, BFed uncovered whenever and where ever. BFing is always takes SOME work. And sometimes, it takes really hard work.

So now that we have made it 10 months, it seems hard to imagine stopping in just 2 months. Elliott is still up once or twice a night to nurse, for God's sake! We are so bonded. He still nurses to say "hello" when we haven't seen each other for a few hours. (When I pick him up from my MIL's or something, he comes over to nurse for like, 30 seconds on each side. It is hilarious. I feel like he is just marking his territory.) Then this article crossed my path and now I am seriously considering letting him self-wean. There are a lot of things to consider, but most of the 'con's' are just other people's reactions, which I don't feel is fair. Why should others' ignorance affect how I live my life?

Because this is America, that's why. One religious group is against gay marriage and, before you know it, the American government is considering legislation to make it illegal! How the Hell does that happen? I wish I could be one of those people who seriously never seem to care what others think. I am so jealous of them. I am such a doormat. If I want to do extended breastfeeding, I am going to REALLY have to want it. And I am going to have to have Jeff's support...which I guess means we're going to have to talk about it.

I'm sure he will be on board, but I need to hear it from him. We need to be a strong, united front, deflecting nay-sayers left and right. Luckily, I trust that many of my friends will be supportive. However, I know that some friends and family will NOT be and I would be lying if I said that that would not bother me.

I wish that, instead of calling BFing that goes beyond one year "extended breastfeeding", we called BFing that ends before a year "abbreviated breastfeeding".

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