Monday, March 18, 2013


Fun announcement: I recently started training for a new part-time job at luvaboos! It has been such a neat opportunity. They stand for so many of the things that are important to me - natural parenting, eco-friendly business, small business, women-owned business, moms supporting moms, etc. It really has the neatest products. I am particularly impressed with the products to support breastfeeding...aaaaand, of course, all of the cloth diapers! My plan is to probably just work 12 hours a week, a few four-hour shifts a week. On Tuesday/Thursdays my wonderfully supportive in-laws are almost always available to watch my kids because they are already watching my nephew. Then Jeff encouraged me to take Saturday shifts, as well, since he'll be home and the store is only open until 5pm. It is very exciting to think about learning and contributing and growing some more. I have said before that when I was young and thinking about a future career, it was all about what title I was going to have. When that didn't work out for me, I realized that I needed to change my attitude. I needed to change my focus from my success and obsessing about what my title says about me to who am I working for. I realized I would be happier as a secretary for an organization whose mission I really believed in than a CEO of a company I don't really care about or can't be proud of. So there's the approach I am taking now. Let's see how it goes and if I find more happiness and fulfillment this way.

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