Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birth, Babywearing, and Breastfeeding

I am realizing that parenthood involves a lot of 'b' words. There are several articles I have come across during the past couple weeks that I have been dying to share and discuss with you all but, man, life has been hectic! Here is a rare, quiet moment when both kids are asleep and DH is not home so let's try to at least get this started, shall we?

First comes this amazingly and understandably controversial article called Every Parent Should Know the Scandalous History of Infant Formula. I know I have mentioned before on this blog, several times at least, about how my family does NOT purchase any Nestle products (or any of the brands that they own - found here). I usually just link to Wikipedia because those articles, while often containing some errors, are short and easy to comprehend. Let me be clear in saying that Wikipedia was NOT where I learned about the Nestle scandal. This Jill Krasny article is not new but it was new to me. I love the breakdown. It is not short, but certainly not that long and because of the format of her writing, it is comprehensible to the average person.

I know that the initial reaction to this, and articles like it, is a largely defensive response from mothers who formula feed. They get in line, one-by-one, to share their devastating stories of why they had to formula feed; each story more heartbreaking than the one before. However, I don't see an attack on mothers who formula feed here. I see an attack on the formula companies.

If and when women have to formula feed, hell even if they CHOOSE to formula feed, shouldn't we demand more for their babies? Should THEY be demanding more for their babies? Instead of getting defensive, shouldn't they be rallying and breaking down the doors of the Nestle corporation to demand better ingredients and more ethical practices from a company whose job is to help mothers and feed babies? I know I would be.

Now is not the time to debate formula feeding overall. I have made my stance on the issue clear, ad nauseam even. Today I am here to stand up for the FFing mamas. I am here to shout to the skies that their babies deserve a nutritious formula. I am here to demand that formula company giants stop putting cheap crap in there to earn an extra buck (on top of the millions they are already making). I want formula companies to be outed for the frauds they are. They are not selling "milk", they are selling a cheap chemical concoction. They are not supporting moms who cannot breastfeed, they are preying on moms whose deepest fear is that they will not be able to breastfeed. And I, for one, will not be party to it.

Everybody's up and screaming so this will have to be continued...

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