Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birth, Babywearing, and Breatfeeding continued...

So onto another one of my favorite 'B' words (probably my favorite word of all time!): 'birth'. I recently discovered when I saw this article floating around many of the mindful mama groups I belong to. First of all, what a fantastic organization! It's mission is not unique, I know, but it's so important that it warrants repeating. What's sad is that it speaks to how badly the cause needs recognition that so many organizations are popping up and rallying for the SAME thing. Something needs to change but it's obviously not happening fast enough.

What I appreciated most about this article is that it is written better than any blog post I have written about the same topic. It's clear to me that this author is just as passionate as I but she has a gentler tone, which I'm sure is appreciated by a wider audience. She's saying the same thing as I am but probably reaching more people, and I am grateful for that. I admit that I let my emotions get in the way and color my words. I never want to come across as passionate but not COMpassionate and that canand does happen.

My birth experiences were so positive and had such a beautiful, positive impact on my life that I just want others to be able to share in and find their own joy that way. I believe that the vast majority of women are capable of that but have not been shown the way or given the tools and that makes me furious. I am furious with doctors and mainstream media, etc. who tell a woman how dangerous pregnancy and birth is and how delicate and weak she is when that is a lie. Do SOME women have complications? Obviously. But I believe, because research shows, that the number of women who have true complications who tuly need interventions is drastically less than the number of women who are made to feel like their pregnancies are complicated and are made to feel like their labors need medical interventions. THAT'S what gets me all fired up. Please know that I am rarely angry with my fellow mama.
In other news, I have discovered Melaleuca. My DIY cleaning products were starting to fail me. I live in an older home with older appliances and years of collected dirt and grime. I am disappointed but I just need something more. However, I don't trust the products in the big box stores, no matter how many flowers or trees are on the labels. Meanwhile, a very dear friend of mine discovered she has an allergy to formaldehyde - a chemical that is hidden in all sorts of American products under all sorts of different names. Truly, it is disturbing. It has also been banned in most European countries. The US is slow to ban because it is a cheap product and America has always valued American companies over American consumers. DH discovered this a couple years ago and that's why we don't use any Johnson and Johnson products on our children.
Anyway, in her search for cleaning and personal care items that do not contain formaldehyde, my friend was introduced to Melaleuca. Why I bring this up here is because Melaleuca prides itself in offering high-quality products with honest ingredients. I was first drawn to it for the cleaning products. They contain no bleach and don't even require safety caps because nobody will die if they are ingested. Not that they recommend that people go around purposely drinking from their bottles, but that is still impressive! The best part, for me, is that the products really work. I have been so pleased with the products that, at the risk of sound like an advertisement, I had to bring it up here. I feel like I have found a happy medium between trying to be as 'all-natural' as possible while still using something powerful enough to really get my home clean!
Full disclosure, I am not superexcited to be supporting a company run by Frank VanderSloot. He's a superconservative and a bajillionaire, two things I never admire in a person. There also can be a lot of pressure to sell the products yourself. It is set up on a Tupperware or Avon or PartyLite model where there are no brick and mortar stores but, rather, representatives who sell to individual people. They obviously get a bonus if they are able to sign-up other reps. Luckily for me, my rep is a good friend so she does not pressure me. I jsut want to buy buy buy. There is also a membership fee. Youa required to spend a certain amount of money on the products every month, which can appear daunting to people at first. But the prices are fair and, so far, I've only been buying thing I need, having never felt the pressure to have to buy things to meet my 'quota'. So it may not be for everyone, but it's definitely working for me.

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