Thursday, May 2, 2013

what's going on?

Here are some odds and ends about what's going on with me these days:

1. I am officially a (provisional) Bradley teacher. Here's the proof:
Now is the hard part. Now I sit and wait for a lovely couple to contact me about attending my class. If they don't...well, it happens. I just keep moving the date back until it strikes someone's fancy. I'm sure I could work harder at self-promoting but I am just so overwhelmed. When we were pregnant with Lydia, I had heard about the Bradley Method from a cousin. I looked it up online and found a teacher in my area who was holding classes on a day that worked for us. That was it. Nothing poetic about that. I thought, and another Bradley teacher agreed, that holding a Saturday morning class would fulfill a unique need in the community, since classes are generally held in the late evenings. I know that, as a pregnant woman, it was completely exhausting to go to work all day and then go to a two-hour class once a week afterwards. It complete worth it, obviously, but I was so tired! I hope that a Saturday morning class will appeal to some people the way it appeals to me.

2. I would like to get a DBA. As a Bradley teacher, I am also technically certified as a Doula. However, Rochester has a HUGE doula community, particularly relative to its size. I would LOVE to participate in the births of my students' little ones but I recognize that others before me have paid their dues and will be more skilled. However, I would like to offer some other birth services. For example, another veteran Bradley teacher in the area is an expert in prenatal nutrition. She gives talks, writes papers, etc. on the subject. I think that is awesome! I think I would like to investigate baby nutrition - particularly in the realm of extended BFing and BLW. I could write some articles and maybe set up a class at luvaboos!

3. That being said, I need to think of a clever business name! Jeff says simple is best. However, all of the other birth services businesses around here have these lovely, romantic, peaceful names. I have to think of a way to stand out or, at least, join ranks. Jeff keeps suggesting sweet but silly names, which is not the flavor I am going for. We shall see. I want to make a Facebook page and, more importantly, an email address so I can keep all of my Bradley business separate and safe from other emails.

4. Elliott and I are still going strong nursing at almost 1 year now! I asked at my LLL meeting about what toddler nursing looks like. They had me borrow a very helpful book called Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. Sure, the cover art is outdated but the information is proving to be very relevant. It has given me a lot to think about it, some things I had never even considered! I feel very empowered.

5. Elliott is a signing fool! He signs 'milk', 'eat', 'all done', 'doggy', 'kitty', 'ball', 'mommy', 'daddy', and 'shoes' so far. He is also trying to talk! It is so cute! I cannot believe that my baby will be 1 in a few short weeks! We are also SO unprepared for his upcoming party. Hoepfully we'll be able to pull this off!

6. Lydia is becoming wuite the little lady. We went for a walk last night and she made the choice to WALK the whole time! We had the wagon (which Elliott was riding in) but she walked independently the whole time. It was just like you see in the movies. She alternated holding my hand and her Daddy's hand, she touched every bush/flower/tree/living thing we passed, she alternated between walking, running, hopping. It was so precious.

Babywearin' on the Farm - We had a fun Sunday at a good friend's uncle's farm. Elliott loved all of the "kitties" and Lydia got to feed a baby goat with a bottle and collect some chicken eggs!

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