Friday, July 19, 2013

Parenting is Hard

I have made it no secret that I am (and I think it's safe to say that husband is also) struggling when it comes to parenting our 3 year old. We are all well-bonded and happy. Our daughter is bright and hilarious and kind-hearted. But she is developing and becoming aware of her own opinions and desires...which are starting to conflict with ours and here's where the trouble is starting. I want Lydia to be strong and confident and follow her convictions. I just wish they weren't so sporadic and nonsensical all the time!

So, techniques we have used in the past to quell fears and anger aren't working anymore. My daughter is evolving and so my parenting has to evolve. That is hard to remember and even harder to figure out how to do!

So I came across 2 great articles with some ideas that proved helpful for us. I have been spreading them around some of my mommy networks so I thought I better share them here, too. Perhaps you will see your own family in one or both of the articles and the suggestions will be useful to you, too!

Article 1

Article 2

I would also like to add that these articles are spot on when they discuss boundary setting and respecting a child's appropriate developmental stages. I have friends and family members who think they are practicing gentle parenting but really they are just raising brats. They are not doing their kids any favors and, in fact, they are setting their kids up for failure. All children crave the security of boundaries and rules and need to feel as if they are being heard, understood, and taken seriously. When you simply give-in to a child's tantrums, particularly when they are too old to be tantruming in such a primal way, you are sending the message that he/she does not need to acquire appropriate language skills to negotiate and advocate for him/herself. What kind of life will he be destined to lead with that mindset? I bet we can all think of some adults we know who fit that description.

Oh, and for giggles, read this. You're welcome.

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