Thursday, July 11, 2013

yeast rash

I know, I know - where the heck have I been? I was on a total streak of post after post and then suddenly...crickets. My bad! Life just keeps sneaking up on me!

Back in 2011, we thought we were pretty awesome because Lydia had never had a real diaper rash. Maybe a little irritation every now and again but nothing major. Then, she turned one and a nasty rash flared up that we just could not seem to get rid of! We finally went to our family doctor who informed us that this was no ordinary rash but a yeast infection! Ugh. *shudder* We were prescribed a cream that helped clear it up pretty quickly. But then it kept coming back! So we got her started on probiotics every day to help keep it at bay. It was the miracle we had been hoping for and we had never had a problem again.

Fast forward to 2013, and Elliott hits a year old and the same thing happens! So we think we are old pros and can fix this problem lickety-split. However, none of our old methods are working. We are very frustrated and my poor baby was in pain. He had nasty blisters and wounds where the blisters had burst. *shudder again* Since Elliott does not take a bottle and eats independently, making sure he gets a dose of probiotics has been tricky. We had to kick it up a notch in the topical medication field. So I decided to create something that made sense but that we hadn't tried yet. We were applying coconut oil, Melaleuca oil, OTC topical yeast infection cream (as recommended by our family doctor), antibiotic ointment and giving oatmeal baths. I became inspired.

I mixed melted the coconut oil with finely ground oats I was using for the oatmeal baths until it was a thick paste. I added some Melaleuca oil. I started putting that concoction on his poor little bum at night. It was nice because it was so thick. The coconut oil and Melaleuca oil absorb into the skin and in the morning, all that's left is the oatmeal in his diaper. It looks like he has a diaper full of sand, it's funny. It seemed to bring him pain relief right away. In just a couple night's time, I noticed a huge difference! All his sores are healing and the redness is gone. Thank God!

I also bought and started using Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush Cream and also their Green Salve but that was after the yeast rash had already started healing. I bought the products at the suggestion of my coworkers are luvaboos. Though I cannot confirm whether or not they work, they are certainly not hurting and they are cloth diaper safe, so I am a fan. I am also impressed with the simple, honest, and short list of ingredients. The labels aren't flashy but don't let that fool you! The store is all a buzz about their quality products.

Speaking of luvaboos, their semi-annual consignment sale is coming up. We will be camping so I will be missing the actual sale for the first time in YEARS. So sad! However, I will be selling items and volunteering so that I can get the most store credit back possible.

I just ordered 4 Swaddlebees OS Simplex AOIs because they are great diapers and I cannot resist the prints! They are just so well constructed, and right here in the good, old US of A! I am sacrificing some of my solid Tots Bots Easy fits AIOs to get money for them. I guess I should have waited so I could use my store credit from the sale but I really wanted them ASAP. Besides, I'm sure I'll find some other things to use the store credit on!

PS - Happy almost 14 months of nursing to Elliott and I!

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