Monday, August 19, 2013

Odds and Ends

My first Bradley class went really well this past weekend. I was just so excited to get it started! The couples are friendly and already getting along very well, which makes for a great learning atmosphere. There was definitely a little trial and error and I certainly have a few things to tweak for next class. There is also still a lot of work for me. While still only a provisional educator, I have to submit extensive class evaluations after every class within 48-hours of teaching it. Phew!

Elliott and I are officially at 15 months of nursing. He really only nurses a few times a day, typically before nap, before bed, and when waking up in the morning. I know my supply is way down and sometimes he is frustrated about that. I have a feeling that our days our numbered, especially once I go back to work in a few weeks. *sniff sniff* But here is a fun article that I found and read to celebrate our successes. It has been more rewarding that I ever could have imagined and wish I could have done it with all of my kids.

Another great video about circumcision has been floating around my FB newsfeed (is it still called a newsfeed?) for the past few days. It seems like more and more of my friends are opting to keep their boys intact and that makes me so happy! You don't have to be a certain kind of mom or subscribe to a particular type of parenting even to make the choice. Just like with a lot of parenting choices (cloth diapering vs disposable, daycare center vs in-home daycare, etc.) parents have a variety of reasons that eventually lead them to the same conclusion - they want to keep their baby boys whole.

And here is something neat that I found today on Motherwise! I knew you could claim religious vaccine exemption in NYS but I never really researched how that all worked. My kids are vaccinated on a modified schedule. I am happy to get them vaccinated, I just don't think it needs to all happen at once. I would like the right to research and choose which vaccines and when I will vaccinate. Unfortunately, it's an all or nothing situation here. In the land of the free and home of the brave you are free to have as many children you want-  even if you can't afford to care for them all, have unprotected sex with different strangers and not tell any of them and never have and STD test, own a gun and leave it out where ever you want in your home, smoke, belong to the KKK, and pierce your genitals but you cannot be trusted to choose which vaccines to give your child(ren). That makes sense.

And now, the best news for last...drumroll, please!...My Kinderpack is here! Uh what-what, you ask? Well, we all know how much I love my Beco. However, the kiddos and getting bigger and for several reasons, really, I knew we needed a bigger carrier (or two). I was torn between a Tula and  Kinderpack, When I found out that KPs are made in the USA, that pretty much sealed it for me. I bought a funky mustache print one in EUC from a nice mama off a KP B/T/S FB group. It may seem weird but Jeff, my brother, his girlfriend, and I have this ongoing joke about mustaches in honor of my late father, who rocked a wicked 'stache from the time he was in, like, 9th grade. So, it will be a kind of fun and funny tribute to him that I know he would appreciate. Sweet Lydia talks about him often. It is bittersweet but I am so glad that she remembers him for now. It breaks my heart to think that none of my other children will. It breaks my heart to realize that I will have children who will never even ever be held by him. It is not fair.

Here is the picture I fell in love with ;)

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