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DISCLAIMER: This blog is a constant work-in-progress. Forgive my pacing! Please message me with any questions or comments about incomplete pages, posts, or broken links.

I never thought I'd be a mom, let alone one of "those" moms. Suddenly, I realized I'm a breast-feeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, cloth-diapering, etc. mama and I barely knew what any of those terms even meant a few years ago!

I guess it all started when I was about halfway through my first pregnancy. I was up with some pregnancy insomnia and I caught a little film on television called The Business of Being Born. Within days, my husband and I were signed up for our Bradley Method Birth Class. Yeah, that was probably our 'gateway drug' into granolaism. The more we learned, the further we felt pulled into a simpler, more natural way to parent and raise our child (and future children).

That being said, I am in no way an expert. I'm certainly not the most hardcore Granola Mama you will ever meet! I am hoping to reach and connect with moms who are just starting their granola adventure, just testing the waters like me. I wanted to create a place where I could post information that I was learning and others could do the same.

My name is Devin and my husband, Jeff, and I have been married since April 2008 after almost a decade of friendship. We welcomed our beautiful daughter, Lydia Maxine, into the world in March 2010 and Elliott Jay followed on Mother's Day of 2012. Our adventure takes place in upstate NY.

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  1. Hello! My wife and I just got done checking out your blog and had a quick question. I was hoping you could email me when you get the chance. Thanks! - Cam