Carriers I Love:

1. The Moby Wrap was a complete lifesaver during Lydia's early months of life. She had acid reflux and didn't sleep for the first 5 months of her life really. It helped to keep her upright so her reflux wouldn't bother her. She LOVED to be wrapped. It's snug, like being swaddled, and she also got the benefit of constant bouncing and stimulation. I know the wrapping looks complicated. Don't be intimidated. The reality is that there is one basic wrap that has a couple variations. I became a ninja wrapper, able to unwrap myself to put a finally sleeping baby down for a nap. If I can do it, you can do it. Trust me.

2. Once Lydia got pretty wiggly and mobile, The Moby Wrap no longer met our needs. I then bought a Rockin' Baby Sling off of Zulily. I really love this carrier and wished I had had it sooner. It is very well-made, very sturdy. The strap is super adjustable, which I liked because I have small shoulders but a larger chest, so sizing can be tricky for me. They are also a socially conscious brand, which I appreciate and respect.

3. My newest obsession is my most expensive: my Beco. Oh, God, it is so comfortable. It is a soft-structured carrier that snaps around the waist and crisscrosses over the shoulders to under the arms. It is VERY easy to put baby in (sometimes putting them in the Moby can be a bit of a circus act and baby can get frustrated). Elliott just lays back on chest and waits for me to snap him in in the Beco. Baby can be carried on your chest facing in or out, on your back, or on your hip. Jeff likes this carrier, too, which is a huge plus. They are well-made and I feel no pressure on my back when I carry Elliott around in it.

Other carriers I have heard great things about but I have not personally used:

3. ERGO Carrier - They are a littlepricey, so don't be shocked. All I hear again and again though, is how WORTH it they are. Rated highly in comfort and quality. They have an attached hood for when baby falls asleep. You can only wear baby on your chest facing in or on your back.

4. Kinderpacks - Like the Ergo, baby can be worn in front, facing in or on the back. These are the Cadillacs of baby carriers. They require a substantial financial investment but they are worth every penny. They also offer the largest carriers on the market - it can carry up to 50lbs. This can be particularly useful if you have a child who is disabled or otherwise unable to walk unassisted. They also offer size variations according to the MOTHER'S size, which no other carrier does to my knowledge.

5. Hotslings - Ignore the corny name. These carriers are affordable, adjustable, and cute. They are pouch/sling style (like my Rockin' Baby), which some people prefer because it is easy to put baby and in and out of. However, because of the uneven weight distribution on YOUR body, I wouldn't recommend wearing them for an extended period of time, like a hike.

6. Mei Tai - These are BEAUTIFUL and more affordable than an Ergo, Beco, or Kinderpack. You can front carry, facing in, or back carry. Two straps tie around your waist and and another two straps crisscross over your shoulders, ander your arms, and back around the baby to be tied. here are no clips. I hear they are very comfortable and provide a lot of support.

Have you tried another brand? Which did you prefer? Please comment!


I recently found this great resource:

I am excited about this site because there is support forum, B/T/S, sling reviews, and basically EVERYTHING you need to know about babywearing. Whether you are a babywearing pro or new completely new to it, this site has something for everyone.

I also found an excellent blog post about Emergency Babywearing, that is babywearing in an emergency situation, to get a child (and yourself) to safety.


  1. I just bought a Beco Gemini TODAY, and I am SO excited. The thing is ridiculously comfortable to wear. I wish I had it a long time ago! I think the main difference between the Ergo and Beco is that the baby cannot face out in a Ergo. I've heard a lot of great things about the Ergos too though, and almost got one.

    1. kelly (who i am pretty sure was in your bradley class) swears by a Beco. a group os jeff's friends just got us a giftcard to Luvaboos so I may have to check it out! where did you buy yours?