Adoption has long been a passion of mine. I am an adoptee and my husband's sister was adopted. DH and I have always planned on completing our family with adoption. We plan on starting the process in 2015.

That being said, I have been doing a lot of research now in preparation. Luckily, I am finding a lot of resources and supports for adoption. It's reassuring.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to look into the faces of children who need homes NOW, knowing that I cannot help...but then I realized I CAN help, even if it's only in small ways. On this page, I want to raise awareness about children who are waiting for their families to find them and also fundraising opportunities that are currently supporting the plight of orphans both domestically and internationally.

This page will feature links to some great adoption advocacy websites. If you have a resource to offer, please comment or message me and I am happy to add it!

Reece's Rainbow - primary focus is orphans with Downs Syndrome in Eastern Europe, where they are sent to live in institutions by age 5, but also promotes medically fragile orphans, orphans with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and orphans with HIV, gives opportunities for families to fund raise for their adoption on their site

Rainbow Kids - must register (free), promotes orphans with a wide variety of disabilities, you are able to search for children by disability, you can create a profile where you mark what kind of disabilities you are willing to consider and then search for kids who "match" your profile

Wonderful Waiting Kids - must register (free), promotes waiting children and orphans with disabilities, mostly in Asian countries, TONS of information available for each child on the page

Project Hopeful - promote the adoption of HIV+ children, spreading the truth about HIV today

Love Without Boundaries - non-profit that raises funds and does other humanitarian aide for orphans, orphanages, and orphans support programs in China, they focus on surgeries for special needs orphans and education for orphans

Children's House International - non-profit adoption agency, programs in MANY different countries (including US), GREAT blog featuring waiting and special needs children

Sarah's Covenant Homes - non-profit, theraputic home for abandoned, special needs children in India

STUCK - awesome documentary about the sad bureaucracy of international adoption

The Drop Box - awesome documentary about baby drop boxes (for abandoned babies) in Korea

The Pleven Project - a non-profit working to raise awareness and funds to help one of the worst orphanages in Eastern Europe (read the "About" section)

Children Awaiting Parents (CAP) - a non-profit organization started by adoptive parents promoting the adoption of "waiting" children in United States foster care