Granola Mom Interviews


Jamie V.
I think co-sleeping is so awesome but knew nothing about it when I had DD. I wanted to hear straight from the mamas' mouths what it's really all about. I want to thank Jamie V. for sharing this information with us.

Although Katharine T. does agree with Jamie V. that co-sleeping is right for her family, she offers unique insight and a slightly different perspective as to her reasons why. I appreciate Katharine T.'s willingness to share a glimpse into her family's life for our benefit of knowledge.

During this series, I love reading and learning the difference opinions and motivations of each woman but, what speaks greater volumes, are the common themes I see emerging with each interview. It helps to see all of these women with the same parenting values so that you can reflect on whether or not you share those same values. If you do, this may be an option you want to explore for your family. Thanks again, Jordan W., for your honesty and willingness to share with us.

Baby Led Weaning

Hannah B.
I thought I was being crunchy by making all of our own baby food. Little did I know that there is a group of granola mamas who don't think that is absolutely necessary. It is my understanding now that babies can safely be exposed to whole, organic foods in their whole form, NOT pureed! Hannah B, has some great insight into how and why this method works for her family. 

Options for your Placenta

Jordan W.
I chose to share this interview first because very little is known about the topic in mainstream American society. I'd like to thank Jordan W. for sharing such a wealth of knowledge with us. It's obvious that she has made every effort to research every option for keeping her family healthy and happy. It certainly gives us a lot to consider.

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