Products I Love!

*This list is in no way exhaustive and will be updated frequently!

Medela Nursing Bra - I bought one in nude and one in white. I used them for the whole 9 months I nursed my daughter and am currently using them to nurse my son. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wide, padded straps - that's what really sold me on it initially. No, it's not a particularly sexy or exciting bra...but it's SO comfortable! Your girls deserve to be pampered during this time. They will get chapped and scabby, they will crack and bleed. For God's sake, put them in a comfy bra during their down time. Now, it IS a bra with underwire, which some women hate or just can't do, but I am on the *ahem* bustier side and I need underwire.

The Medela Underwire Nursing Bra on a beautiful black model

Nursing Tank Tops - I got a few from Target, but really, there are a ton of different brands that are all essentially the same thing. I don't think they are nice enough or provide enough support to be suitable for wear in public, but at home, I LIVED in these things. I wore one to bed EVERY NIGHT because I have to nurse EVERY NIGHT, several times a night, so these things are total life savers! Pack them in your hospital bag!

Moby Wrap - my favorite carrier for infants

Many different styles of the Moby wrap baby carrier

Rockin' Baby Sling - my favorite sling for older, mobile, wiggly babies

Rockin' Baby Sling displayed in different styles.  A good choice for baby slings

Boppy Pillow - When people say this isn't very useful, they either a) did not BF or b) must have a million additional hands able to ALWAYS hold their babies, regardless of a need to pee or eat.

Our little girl Lydia sitting swaddled in her boppy. Our English Springer Spaniel Jackson liked to use the pillow as well so he can protect the baby

Bumbo Baby Seat - (see Boppy Pillow comments)

Lydia is able to sit and watch the world go by from the safetly of her lilac Bumbo baby seat

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote - As far as breast pumps go, it has been my experience that you get what you pay for. This is the Cadillac of pumps and worth every penny, especially if you plan on BF for a while. (My goal was a year, but DD self-weaned at 9 months.)

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Space Saver Swing - or any spacesaver model of swing. Why would anyone get a full-sized swing anymore? These littler ones are so much more convenient! The seat isn't any smaller, just the legs and the leg span. It's easy to move from room to room, even floor to floor.

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair - same point as above. Plus, you can remove the tray and put the seat right up to the table, if you'd like, when your child gets older.

Vera Bradley Diaper Bag - Make no mistake, I am NOT Vera fan. I have nothing against her. I know people who LOVE her and are willing to pay big bucks for her bags. (I have my own vices, don't worry.) Her style is simply not my style. However, I received this diaper bag as a gift...and it was wonderful! It has a million pockets and a GREAT changing pad. I can't help but gush. See if you can find one on clearance or something. Totally worth it!

Signing Time Products - We always knew we were going to do ASL with our babies. These videos are awesome for kids! By about 14 months, Lydia had easily 35 signs she used regularly. Now, even as a fully verbal toddler, she still asks to watch her Signing Time videos because the songs are catchy and fun. She still loves to sign along with them!

The collection of signing time dvd's and books.  I highly recommend them if you are interested in teaching your child American Sign Language (ASL)

Coconut Oil - an all-natural remedy for...pretty much everything skin related! It softens the skin and also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties so it helps with diaper rash. The texture is funny - it looks like mashed potatos and feels initially like wax, but once you start to rub it in, it turns into a kind of oil. Fear not, it absorbs quickly and your skin does not feel oily afterwards. It does NOT smell like coconut, which is surprising.

The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child  - Get yourself educated on what exactly is in each of the vaccines that is pumped into your fragile infant every month. I am not anti-vaccine or anti-medication. I consider myself a rational person. Here's what I know for sure: my child is my responsibilty. Ergo, it is my responsibility to gather as much information and research possible so that I am well-equipped from this job. As a result of this gathering of knowledge, DD is on a modified vaccine schedule. This book was the most user-friendly and therefore most useful. It is extremely well-written.

Anabel Karmel - Yes, she is a person, not a product, but she sells a lot of products. She is passionate about homemade babyfood, exposing your baby to a variety of healthy foods, and pain-free weaning. I have not reserached baby led weaning, which is considered a more "granola" way to wean, but if you are going to go the baby food route, I believe making fresh, natural foods makes the most sense!


  1. Oh. My. Word. I don't think I would have been able to nurse without my Boppy. I STILL use it. I will be bringing it to the hospital with me when we have our next baby.
    Bumbo- Definitely need to start using this sooner with our next child. I only used it for like, 3 weeks, because my son just wanted to move around, and kept trying to tip it over.
    I love the Vera Bradley Diaper Bag! So jealous that you have it!
    I also recommend a book called " Super Baby Food " It was so helpful to me. It gave month by month what you should introduce to your baby when, etc.
    Someone got us the Baby Bullet Baby Food Processor, and I LOVE it! MAkes pureeing baby food a breeze.

    1. i'm glad to hear agreements from other moms!

      we just used the magic bullet because it's what we already had, and it worked like a champ! who writes "Super Baby Food"?

  2. I loved the Boppy (I had both, and at 1year still use the My Brest Friend pillow - daily), I loved the bumbo seat, it was freakin awesome - short lived, but awesome. The vera bradley bag looks great, but I'm not sure if I could get my husband to carry it ;). Have you guys looked into baby-led-weaning. It's awesome, and you don't have to do all the work of purees :) - Super Baby Food is a good puree baby food book which gives ideas on which foods to introduce first and suggests making your own food instead of buying it - I got it from the library.

    1. ah, kelly, ever the BLW "pusher" ;-)

      by all means, push away!!!