The Ultimate Granola Baby Registry

Cloth Diapering

Imse Vimse Wash Away Stain Soap - I "pretreat" diaper, so to speak, by rubbing it down with this bar until there is some suds action and then throw it into the wetbag.

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer - Do yourself a favor and invest in a sprayer. We have it and we love it. I know there are other ones coming out from other brands and I would bet that they are pretty much all the same. They truly save time.  It is also very helpful with cleaning up clothes that may get poop or pee on them, cleaning out the potty-learning potty, being used as a bidet,...the list goes on and on.

 Wetbags - I say you need at least 2 large ones for in the home and at least 2 more travel-sized ones for the diaper bag. I, personally have 6!                             

Allens Naturally Detergent - Strong enough for all of your family's laundry, but gentle enough for cloth diapers. Love it!



Medela Pump In Style Advanced - As far as breast pumps go, it has been my experience that you get what you pay for. This is the Cadillac of pumps and worth every penny, especially if you plan on BF for a while.

Baby Wearing

Moby Wrap - It was a complete lifesaver during Lydia's early months of life. She LOVED to be wrapped. It's snug, like being swaddled, and she also got the benefit of constant bouncing and stimulation. I know the wrapping looks complicated. Don't be intimidated. The reality is that there is one basic wrap that has a couple variations. There are even a ton of tutorials on Youtube.

Beco - My favorite soft-structured carrier (SSC) on the market today. Sophisticated prints/colors, no need for an infant insert, and 4 carrying options. Sturdy, well-made, and comfortable!



Any Book By Dr. Sears - Dr. William Sears, his wife or family (2 of his sons are in the practice, too) have over 30 books all about parenting and raising a child; anything from Attachment Parenting to Discipline. Check out the "Sears Parenting Library".


Signing Time - We always knew we were going to do ASL with our babies.
These videos are awesome for kids! By about 14 months, Lydia had easily
35 signs she used regularly. Now, even as a fully verbal toddler, she still asks to watch her Signing Time videos because the songs are so catchy and fun that she still loves to sign along with them! It's so neat to see Elliott at 1yo, react in the same positive way to the videos. I guess there's just something about Rachel!


Sophie the Giraffe - 100% Natural Rubber and Food Paint,
Phthalates and BPA free, this is the organic "cadillac" of teethers. It has a really neat backstory (booklet included in package) about how it came to be so popular. Babies love Sophie!

Green/Organic Alternatives

 Hyland's Kids' Kit, Homeopathic Medicine - A great introduction and starter kit for homeopathic medicine.  Includes remedies for cough, cold, colic, bumps, bruises and judging by many of the positive reviews is one of the best items to use for teething.

Maty's Natural Health Products - Started by a local mom from right here in my community, this is the only "medicine" I trust!

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